A manager’s primer to using Silverlight 3.0 for LOB applications

by Curt 20. December 2009 09:12

Let me guess… An excited developer just went on and on about this new technology, called Silverlight. "It's going to change the web and the world as we know it", they say. You've heard it all before, but you're definitely curious.

Since I know you'd rather not sift through pages of Microsoft documentation just to answer a few questions, I wrote this post to give you a quick primer.


The web is so nineties


I don't know about you, but I'm tired of hearing my users complain about the 'web experience'. Even though web applications have been around for some time, users are still unsatisfied with using the web for line of business applications. Have you ever heard things like?…


"My session timed out, but I was still typing" or…
"I'm in East Sasquatch and I can't use your web application" or…
"Why does the page refresh every time I click on something." or…
"Why can't it work like <insert off the shelf or client/server name here>."


Benefits for end users

The most notable advantage of Silverlight is how it completely changes the user experience of web-based applications.


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How to hire a mid-level developer

by Curt 13. December 2009 06:33

It must be great to hire top-tier developers. But what if it's just not possible, be it for budgetary reasons, not having that luxurious office space, or just not being that 'sexy' company.


Here are some tips on evaluating the fit of a mid-level developer


First, know what you're getting

Make sure you really consider the skill set that's needed. Don't expect to throw the spec. over the wall and tell them to come see you in six weeks (you should never do this anyway).


Mid-level developers are going to require some level of oversight.  This means more frequent one-on-ones and code reviews, especially on larger projects.

You should also anticipate that some training will be required to advance them to the next level.


Initiative and Enthusiasm 


A mid-level developer may not be able to point to a long list of technical skills, but they should demonstrate a passion for technology. Passion can be a great predictor of a candidate's drive for personal growth and commitment.


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Let’s get started...

by Curt 12. December 2009 17:07

I hated homework as a kid.  Even though I loved to learn (I still do) it was always in the way of doing something fun.  Yet, here I am as an adult volunteering for the homework of a blog.  So, you may ask, ‘Why?...”


Why I’m doing a blog

Well, I’m in this great field of software development, but it requires a commitment to learning that’s unlike any other career.  The reason for my self-imposed assignments is to learn by helping you, the reader.


I hope that my ramblings will benefit you, whether you’re a software developer, analyst, or software manager.  Working in the field of software development is exciting, but it can sometimes cause you to wonder whether being a greeter at big department store is a better choice.




I’d like to welcome you to my blog.  Please feel free to poke around a bit, I may occasionally have something useful to say.  Please feel free to contact me or learn more about me or my blog.



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