Why the hero on your project is dangerous

by Curt 13. February 2010 07:04

The ‘hero’ is that one person who swoops in and saves your project from imminent doom.  They have these unique super powers that make them such a critical person.


Critical production bug…  BAM!  FIXED!
Slow server response time….WHAM!  SPEEDY!
Obscure technical question…  POW! ANSWERED!


Why heroes are a threat


As much as the hero is reveled in your organization, few realize the risk they pose.  Yea, they get things done that other staff would struggle with.  But often times they perform their marvel and rarely communicate or document the solution. 

Why should they?...  Most heroes have this amazing capacity of knowledge and instant recall of information.  …and why do we care anyway?...  The hero has averted our disaster and they’re busy saving other citizens.  We shouldn’t burden them with such tedious knowledge transfer tasks.


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