PMs are banned from the Ivory Tower

by Curt 29. March 2010 21:50

As a technical PM, you’re not allowed in the ivory tower. (You know there’re too many people there anyway.)

It’s NOT your sole mission to simply bestow coding guidelines, check-in procedures, documentation structure, and continue to ask ‘Are you done yet?’.  Your project will be crushed if you take this disconnected approach and you'll end up with a turnover rate that rivals that of a fast food franchise.


Stay involved… …frequently


You have to avoid ‘ivory tower’ thinking and understand that delivering successful projects is about involvement throughout each person, level, and aspect of your project.  Unlike you, ivory tower mangers will never be found trudging through the weeds with their staff.

Despite having ‘manager’ or ‘lead’ in your title, you still need to have frequent participation in the low level stuff.  You do this, not by trying to do everyone’s work, but by going through a bit of a context shift from what you did as a developer.


Interactions are key


The primary way you stay involved in your project is through interactions with your team members. You use these interactions to shape how you pitch-in and add value to your project.


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