Being a PM is good for your career health

by Curt 30. April 2010 20:08

Stop hiding under your desk clutching your WPF manual.  That new project manager position may be just right for you.

I know its hard letting go of manipulating bits into elegant solutions, but a PM role will evolve your skill-set and likely lead to other opportunities.  Besides, transitioning back to a developer is not entirely out of reach. (You’ll probably be a better developer as a result.)

The reason I’m asking you to consider a PM role, is that it forces you to develop competencies that are typically at the other end of the spectrum for a developer.   Skills like communication, dealing with lots of ambiguity, and acquiring deeper business knowledge are not often practiced as a developer.

Let’s take a look at each one of these and how they can lead to something I know you’ve always thought about…  …starting your own business.


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