Being a PM is good for your career health

by Curt 30. April 2010 20:08

Stop hiding under your desk clutching your WPF manual.  That new project manager position may be just right for you.

I know its hard letting go of manipulating bits into elegant solutions, but a PM role will evolve your skill-set and likely lead to other opportunities.  Besides, transitioning back to a developer is not entirely out of reach. (You’ll probably be a better developer as a result.)

The reason I’m asking you to consider a PM role, is that it forces you to develop competencies that are typically at the other end of the spectrum for a developer.   Skills like communication, dealing with lots of ambiguity, and acquiring deeper business knowledge are not often practiced as a developer.

Let’s take a look at each one of these and how they can lead to something I know you’ve always thought about…  …starting your own business.


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Developer to manager and back again.

by Curt 10. January 2010 07:50

You're done trying to control the chaos and you want your old development job back.  You're fed up with the endless stream of feature creep and politically motivated deadlines.  The hands on technical work that got you out of bed in the morning has been replaced with managing others to do that work.


Don't be rash


For the moment, hold off marching into your manager's office and requesting that you be 'unmade' a project manager.  Consider the rationale for your decision.  Make sure you not overreacting to something bad that just happened.


  • Did you miss a major milestone?
  • Did you make a bad call?
  • Did a key team member leave and cite you as the reason?


Events like this are painful, but they shape you into a better project manager.  They'll force you to do things differently and provide you with the best learning experience.


“I'm not being rash, I want out...”


Alright, perhaps your justifications are not related to one of the fires you couldn't put out. You feel that you have legitimate gripes about the core responsibilities of being a project manager.

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