How to hire a mid-level developer

by Curt 13. December 2009 06:33

It must be great to hire top-tier developers. But what if it's just not possible, be it for budgetary reasons, not having that luxurious office space, or just not being that 'sexy' company.


Here are some tips on evaluating the fit of a mid-level developer


First, know what you're getting

Make sure you really consider the skill set that's needed. Don't expect to throw the spec. over the wall and tell them to come see you in six weeks (you should never do this anyway).


Mid-level developers are going to require some level of oversight.  This means more frequent one-on-ones and code reviews, especially on larger projects.

You should also anticipate that some training will be required to advance them to the next level.


Initiative and Enthusiasm 


A mid-level developer may not be able to point to a long list of technical skills, but they should demonstrate a passion for technology. Passion can be a great predictor of a candidate's drive for personal growth and commitment.


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