A manager’s primer to using Silverlight 3.0 for LOB applications

by Curt 20. December 2009 09:12

Let me guess… An excited developer just went on and on about this new technology, called Silverlight. "It's going to change the web and the world as we know it", they say. You've heard it all before, but you're definitely curious.

Since I know you'd rather not sift through pages of Microsoft documentation just to answer a few questions, I wrote this post to give you a quick primer.


The web is so nineties


I don't know about you, but I'm tired of hearing my users complain about the 'web experience'. Even though web applications have been around for some time, users are still unsatisfied with using the web for line of business applications. Have you ever heard things like?…


"My session timed out, but I was still typing" or…
"I'm in East Sasquatch and I can't use your web application" or…
"Why does the page refresh every time I click on something." or…
"Why can't it work like <insert off the shelf or client/server name here>."


Benefits for end users

The most notable advantage of Silverlight is how it completely changes the user experience of web-based applications.


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