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by Curt 12. December 2009 17:07

I hated homework as a kid.  Even though I loved to learn (I still do) it was always in the way of doing something fun.  Yet, here I am as an adult volunteering for the homework of a blog.  So, you may ask, ‘Why?...”


Why I’m doing a blog

Well, I’m in this great field of software development, but it requires a commitment to learning that’s unlike any other career.  The reason for my self-imposed assignments is to learn by helping you, the reader.


I hope that my ramblings will benefit you, whether you’re a software developer, analyst, or software manager.  Working in the field of software development is exciting, but it can sometimes cause you to wonder whether being a greeter at big department store is a better choice.




I’d like to welcome you to my blog.  Please feel free to poke around a bit, I may occasionally have something useful to say.  Please feel free to contact me or learn more about me or my blog.



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I'm a software project manager in the Boston area. More...

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